Friday, July 20, 2012

Shop the World with L - Atitude

Have you experienced L-Atutude before? If you haven't we recommend you to do so. The site is an online portal for shopping trips around the world, with exotic, exclusive and edgy finds from the world's most stylish cities. 

If you like to shop precious and unique things from around he world you are going to love this site. You are introduced with designers and traditional artisans constantly, from New  York, Milan, Mumbai, Hong Kong and beyond, all very talented with amazing pieces.

You will be able to shop accessories, bags, clothing, fine jewelry, things for your home, shoes and souvenirs. 

Here are our favorites: 
Travel Wallet
$47.00 USD
Bungalow 8
Patchwork Pompom Blue Scarf
$95.00 USD
Celeste House
Popular Craft, Yellow Handle Straw Tote
$50.00 USD
Grand Bazaar
Ikat Pillow
$95.00 USD
Mexican Bazaar
White Pattern Friendship Bracelet
$25.00 USD
Bungalow 8
Black Wrap Bangle
$55.00 USD
Celeste House
Carla Fernandez, Split Flower Bangle
$55.00 USD
Holst + Lee
Coppertown Necklace
$415.00 USD
Bali Shoes
Resort Coral Sandals
$160.00 USD
Luxe City Guides
$9.99 USD

To buy click on the link below:

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