Monday, July 30, 2012

Kusmi Tea

Inescapable tea seller, Kusmi Tea offers many high quality tea blends. They just launched their latest collection of wellness teas, composed of five different blends. 

Detox: A delicious blend of mate and green tea flavored with lemon and lemongrass.

Be Cool: A calming and subtle blend of verbena, licorice root, and peppermint to unwind and relax.

Sweet Love: Exquisite, spicy blend that will bring your senses to life.

Boost: An original blend of mate, green tea, and spices.

Algotea: A restorative blend that will replenish your body's mineral needs.

Drink to your health! These gorgeous assortments will detoxify and re-energize your body, making you feel relaxed and full of energy. These all natural blends come packed in beautiful reusable tins or in classic tea bags, to easily store and take.
Wellness 5 Boosting Pack
$25.95USD $19.46USD

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Kusmi Tea:

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