Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Felix Rey Accessories

Felix Rey is a sophisticated and ultra-feminine luxury brand that designs the most beautiful accessories from handbags, to wallets, cosmetic cases, diapers bags and more. The sensibility of the accessories line is a clear reflection of the personal styles of co-founders Lily Rafii Brand and Sulaika Zarrouk. 

Wondering who is Felix Rey? You are never going to guess, he was the Doctor of Vincent Van Gogh after he cut off a portion of his ear and was admitted to an asylum. As a form of payment Van Gogh painted a portrait of the Doctor. This portrait was what inspired  the co-founders of the brand to start the brand and to name is this way. 

Felix Rey products are sold worldwide and are regularly featured in fashion magazines like In Style, Marie Claire, Bazaar, Elle, Vogue, and Tatter.

Check out our favorite accesories + Meet Dr. Felix in Van Gogh's portrait
Envelope Clutch
$230.00 USD
Lock Me Up Snake Bag
$300.00 USD
Lock Me Up For A Decade Bag
$375.00 USD
Serpentine Minaudière II
$320.00 USD
Ottomane Necklace/Belt
$175.00 USD
Forget Paris Make-Up Bag
$65.00 USD
Dr. Felix 
By: VIncent Van Gogh

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