Friday, June 1, 2012

ART: Aqueous Fluoreau

Mark Mawson is an international award-winning photographer with 21 years of experience in capturing a dull spectrum of people and places. Mark specializes in shooting fashion and people underwater and his latest personal series is "Aqueous Fluoreau", photos of paint dropped into water, with amazing color combinations and forms. Check it out!

Most of Mawson's work is represented in galleries and many of his private collections around the world.
Aqueous Fluoreau Collection
Aqueous Collection

Here is part of an interview with artist Mark Mawson on this "Aqueous Fluoreau" Collection by Kuvva(blog) To check the rest of the interview click here:
What inspires you?
Anything really, life, people and everyday life. But to refer to my Aqueous work, I initially was inspired to shoot the series by watching pouring milk into coffee. 
How would you describe your series “Aqueous”?
You see a lot of ink in water shots, but I wanted to do something that had more body to it and that gave the feeling of an organic form. So I played around with varieties and density of paint and water. — And many people wrote about you referring your work to aliens, how come? — Yes, the images seem to resemble either an alien, outer world/space or another water world. Just trying to create a nice feeling and something that people like to look at. 
How did you create Aqueous, did you know about the technic behind the series? 
It is a lot about experimenting, with different kinds of paints and liquids and things, before I finally arrive at what I like or what I do. — In the office, we often tried to figure out how the actual work process looks like, what about that? — I shoot in a tank. Obviously the lighting is key to how it looks. So I spend a lot of time making sure the lighting is right for the shots. And there is paint. I might thicken the water up with glycerin and stuff like that. 

To visit Mark Mawson's website click here:

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