Monday, May 28, 2012

J.Crew + Indego Africa Bracelets

J. Crew has partnered with Indego Africa, a non profit project dedicated to provide women artisans in Rwanda the opportunity to sell their beautiful handcrafted pieces to the rest of the world to support themselves and their families. These wraparound bracelets have style and a nice mix of colors for your everyday summer wardrobe. 

All the proceeds are used to create business and literacy programs that encourage entrepreneurship and empower the artisans to become independent businesswomen. 

Bracelets materials: Dutch fabric(renowned for it's durability and considered a symbol of African solidarity) locally sourced form the markets of Kigali, which the women visit each week to find the most vibrant colors that captures the spirit of summer. Each bracelet is individually signed by the artist so it's absolutely unique!

Love the bracelets, and love what J.Crew is doing to help artisans in Africa. It's a great way to create awareness and to help support this great cause. 

Indego Africa for J.Crew cloth bracelets are $22.50(USD) each. Available in 3 different colors. 
Pink Yellow
Green Blue
Red Navy

Info: J.Crew
To buy online click on this link:

Here are some inspirational pics! I would style these bracelets with an oversized watch, and I would mix it with other colored bracelets, of different textures. It looks super cute! 

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