Friday, May 4, 2012

AU: Bec&Bridge

Becky Copper and Bridget Yorston met at design school,  they knew their friendship was destined to greeter things. A shared vision to managed their friendship with a business partnership led to a formidable force on the Australian fashion scene. Bec & Birdge strikes a fine balance between aspirational and achievable fashion, a niche it's creators have worked hard to perfect since the labels inception in 2003. 

All of the collections have  strong design, with their signature style, contoured lines and sleek silhouettes, the look is the epitome of young modern and chic. 

Bec & Bridge has many celebrity followers and can be found on some of the countries most prestigious boutiques as well as leading department stores. 

After opening Australian Fashion Week in 2011 with their "Violet Haze" Spring/Summer collection the brand soared to new heights with an overwhelming response from internation buyers. 

Here are my favorite looks from their AW12 Collection:

For more information click on the link below:

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