Monday, May 21, 2012

ArteBA Cont.

Here are some pictures from ArtBA, Saturday May 19. The art exhibition was wonderful, I had a blast. I love attending to these events because you get a lot of ideas and inspiration from really talented artists from around the world. Besides good art there was good food and drinks. Bodegas Chandon, created a space with huge puffs and coffee tables to sit down and relax, while sipping their 187 champagne bottle and one of their delicious sandwiches made specially for the event. It was great!

Check out some of the pictures that I took at the exhibition, enjoy!

Cool Art Work at the Entrance of ArteBA
By: Converse
Crazy Chair
Marble Sculpture
Chairs by: Mariano Cornejo
Pencil Art
Chandon Space

For more information or for more photos click on the link below:

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