Tuesday, May 1, 2012

ART: Milo Lockett

Milo Lockett is a plastic artist from Resistencia, Argentina. He started his career after working for various years in the textile industry. 

In 2002 he closed his textile fabric and abandoned completely his business activities to dedicate completely in his painting.

His public today covers from major collectors to young professionals all looking for their first work of art. 

Milo Lockett donates an estimate of 40 works to auction to hospital benefit, HIV prevention, Red Cross in Argentina, and the UNICEF project "A minute for my rights". He has even organized massive outdoor painting workshops in Festivals in Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina. 

If you happen to be in Buenos Aires, Argentina you can go to: Hipodromo Argentino De Palermo to enjoy an exhibition from Milo Lockett. Starting April 27 ending July 2 2012. (Salon PB Tribuna Paddock)

Here are some pictures from the exhibition:

For more information click on the link below:

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