Thursday, May 3, 2012

Acne: Snowdon Blue

As a phtoographer, Snowdon has portrayed some of the most outstanding figures of our time, from celebrated actors, art world giants and top fashion designers to literary luminaries, political leaders, pop stars and royalty. This May sixty of his portraits will be presented in Snowdon Blue, the first book to be published by the Swedish fashion company Acne Studios. The book showcases his use of the color blue in his this collection of portraits taken through his career. 

The launch of the book will be accompanied by a touring exhibition presenting the sixty portraits in the Acne Studios stores in Paris, and Stockholm, starting in London on May 3. 

This incredible compilation of photographs got my attention when i noticed an obsession with the color blue and for blue shirts. The book: Snowdon Blue is a 96 page slipcase, cloth bound hardcover in a limited edition of 700 numbers copies. Famous Ralph Fiennes, Jeremy Irons, Graham Greene, Sidney Nolan, Manolo Blahnik, Tony Blair and David Bowie, are all in the book and guess what? they are all wearing blue shirts! 

Snowdon even made a special collection for Acne of silk shirts for men in different blue tones. You can even buy Manolo Blahnik's blue PJ shirt from the picture below (Snowdon IV PJ). To see the full collection and to buy click on this link:

"You don't have a green shirt, white is too bright, black too funeral and I like blue"
- Snowdon

Manolo Blahnik
By: Snowdon

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