Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thakoon for Nars

Thankoon's collaboration with Nars just came out! You can now purchase the same vivid colors seen in his Spring 2012 collection to add some color to your fingertips and toes.

The collection consists of six nail lacquers, five which are shoppable online at and for $18(USD) a piece. They named each color with a traditional Indian spice or herb, like Anardana, a vivid pink, takes it's name from the Hindi word for wild pomegranate seeds, and Amchoor, a bright yellow, named after dried ground mango. The sixth color, sold only at the Nars boutique in NY is called Lal Mirchi, a red hot tamale, named after chili peppers. Beautiful vivid colors, i like them all, perfect for Spring!

Ratin Jot 
Koliary $18(USD)

To buy online click on the link below:

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