Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Established in 1999, under the label Runwaydreamz, designer Christian Yasser Massuh, designs must have one-of-a-kind trends. In 2010 the label look the concept of the denim cut off and revolutionized it into the coveted and innovative trend it is today. 
The brand is quickly becoming recognized by fashionistas worldwide. Popular in Australia, Japan, France, England, Portugal, Singapore and in all major metropolitan cities in the US such as New York, Los Angeles and Miami. 
Each piece is made by hand using the highest quality in materials for remarkable special, one of a kind designs.
I can't wait to get a pair, they come in various colors with studs in the front or back pocket, in gold or silver. Got to love studs!

Here are my favorites:

Asher $186(USD)
#450 $148(USD)
Voldemort $165(USD)
820 $221(USD)
To buy online click on the link below:

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