Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Loving Malika Favre's Illustrations

Malika Favre is a French illustrator/Art director based in London. She grew up in Paris where she studied graphic design before moving to London to pursue illustration. She joined Airside in 2006, a highly acclaimed multidisciplinary design studio. While at Airside, Malika developed a portfolio of self initiated work which led to collaborations with numerous high profile magazines and clients including Wallpaper and The Sunday Times. 

Having left Airside in 2011 Malika is now established as an independent illustrator and has worked on a variety of projects spanning editorial, advertising and publishing.
 photo Malika_Favre_interview_06_zps7c205c2a.jpg
 photo Malika_Favre_interview_10_zps9d1b4da8.jpg
 photo Malika_Favre_interview_12_zpsec79e9d7.jpg
 photo Malika_Favre_interview_19_zps353ccc64.jpg
 photo Malika_Favre_interview_11_zps17f9aa5f.jpg
 photo Malika_Favre_interview_20_zps461df185.jpg

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