Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nasty Gal / Super Nasty Mag

Our favorite e-commer site 'Nasty Gal' is presenting it's second magazine 'Super Nasty', a biannual fashion publication inspired by the Nasty Gal way. The magazine's mission is to spotlight emerging and iconic talents as well as connecting common spirits across the globe, sharing out love of fashion, personal style, unexpected storers, and stellar imagery. Super Nasty celebrates the dynamic nature of the digital age, all while providing an intimate portrait of Nasty Gals fans, supporters, customers and friends.
Out There - Issue No. 02

The second issue of Super Nasty explores the theme of "Out There" in its full and vast interpretation. What is out there? Where is it and how far can we take it? We're knocking down our usual boundaries and expanding our scope into any and all new frontiers we ca lay our hands on; and in the process, we're finding that girl of the future who kicks ass and travels through space. Let's take action and uncover some mysteries this time.

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