Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Terrain: A celebration of Nature

Terrain's highly edited offerings blend products from around the world with locally sourced plants and artisan merchandise providing customers with an unparalleled experience. They have a full nursery garden and indoor plants, eco-friendly growing supplies, home and garden decor, furniture, containers, gifts, personal care items, locally sources and prepared artisan foods, in addition to found object and antiques from around the world.

We love Terrain, they carry the most unique things, you'll be surprised once you go into their site, you'll find exotic plants, delicious organic food and amazing accessories. It kind of makes you want to go and live at the countryside. 

We have selected some of favorite things from Terrain's website, hope you like them!
Glass & Twine Lanterns
$20.00 USD
Yellow Leaf Hammock
$298.00 USD
Mophead Hydrangea
Distressed Wood Cabinet
$3,100 USD
Color-block Utility Basket
$138.00 USD (Large) 
$118.00 USD (Medium)
Herb Kitchen Scissors
$16.00 USD
Milk Bottle
$16.00 USD
Stone Harbor Tote, Coral
$98.00 USD
Tupelo Honey
$24.00 USD
Sun Garden Hose
$68.00 USD
Napa Valley Co. Breath Bath Milk
$18.00 USD

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