Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Design: Cushionized Sofa

Lofi Studio is a multidisciplinary design practice basesd in Brussels. Established by German product designer and interior architect Chistiane Hogner, it is a platform for projects ranging from objects and furniture to installations, as well as concept development, strategy and graphic design. 

We just went into their website and we found really amazing things, they use existing objects and combine new and old materials to create unique, modern, and practical objects for the everyday living. Our favorite is the Cushionized Sofa, made from pillows. Whats yours?

Check out our favorites:

Cushionized Sofa II

The cushionized sofa uses the smallest element of a sofa - the little pillow on top - as main component, which is multiplied and piled up to the shape of a sofa.

metal base, stacked cushions with different fillings, assembled by a system of hook & loop fasteners

Air Chair

The Air Chair was commissioned as a contribution to the monograph about designer Lucas Maassen: "conceivably, the object is what it seems". A collaboration with Thomas Lommée

Electric Table

E.T. is an oversized working desk with integrated sockets.

It offers you a big surface that can be used for multiple tasks simultaneously. Plug in the table and at the same time your computer, printer, mobile-charger or everything else that is on it and needed for work. It keeps you all time ready with your gadgets fully charged...

The design deals with the ever-growing number and necessity of electronic devices and showcases cables and sockets instead of hiding them.


The SUGARBAGS are a portion-packaging for sugar that convert the ordinary paper sticks into the shape of a jar. They bring back some style next to the coffee cup and add a portion of humour to our daily spoonful of sugar.
A project in collaboration with Thomas Lommée.

paper & sugar


The DAD pillow is fashioned out of reused button down shirts.

vintage dress shirts


The CANVAS bench is inspired by white painting veils, waiting to be colored. The picture frame is like a muscle, strung tightly enough so that it becomes unbreakable. The seat as well as the back of the bench are made of the same principle: a mounted, white canvas. It is a strong but ultra light bench referring to frames without stringing. 

wooden frame, upholstery covered with canvas textile

One for All

One for All is a storage system that makes use of standardized, stackable plastic boxes that are spread all over Europe. Originally fabricated for the transportation of goods to stores and warehouses, they are reinterpreted as drawers in a lightweight iron frame and keep our personal belongings just as safe, whether you want to store socks, toys or kitchen tools.

powdercoated iron frame & standardized transportation boxes in different heights

Get inspires and visit lofi Studio's website by clicking here:

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