Friday, June 1, 2012

Raen Optics: Hot shades!

Cool summer shades by RAEN Optics . . .
The most popular style is the Dayton, it comes in three different colors: matte brindle tortoise(favorite), woodgrain, and brown/white. Check all the different colors + other great styles picked by Fashionation!
DAYTON $142.00 USD
Matte Brindle Tortoise 
DAYTON $142.00 USD

DAYTON $142.00 USD 
brown + white
Flowers by Alex Knost $102.00 USD
Brindle Tortoise
Squire (RX) $117.00 USD
Brown + White
Lomis $112.00 USD
Black + Red
Schade $102.00 USD
Cider + Tortoise
Saise $137.00 USD
Black (Polarized)
Luxe BLK $125.00 USD

To buy online click on the link below:

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